Class Descriptions



Ballet training is essential as the foundation for all other forms of dance, building strength, grace, discipline, and poise. Pointe is an advanced form of ballet using specialized footwear that should be taken only by recommendations of the instructor.



Tap is a technique that is excellent for development of coordination and rhythmic strengths. Many musical theatre productions utilize skills learned in these fun-filled classes.



Jazz is an American stylized dance frequently utilized in television, movies, and concert dance. In contrast to Ballet, Jazz is performed parallel, not turned out, and shows athleticism, confidence, and a little sass!



Our mixed-level Vinyasa style class is great for beginners to advanced practitioners of all ages. Dancers benefit from the conditioning, stretching and increased mindfulness and body awareness.


Contemporary and lyrical

Contemporary and lyrical combine classical ballet technique with jazz to form an expressive, fluid dance style, drawing on both modern and postmodern dance as a source of inspiration. Lyrical is more demonstrative and deliberately follows the lyrics of a song, although in technique it is otherwise twin to contemporary.



Development of precision drill movements combined with elements of jazz technique. These classes prepare students for high school drill teams, fostering skills needed to perform in unison with an ensemble of dancers.


Combination Classes

Combination classes are excellent for younger dancers with a shorter attention span since they can enjoy two styles in one class. For dancers ages 8 and under, we combine ballet with tap, jazz, hip hop, or basic tumbling (to promote body awareness and creative movement).


Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a structured form of street dance and funk. Aerobic endurance is a strong component for this style. Example: MTV and music videos.


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is designed to develop comprehensive musical theatre skills including theatre dance, partnering, acting, character development and chorus singing. This class is an excellent opportunity for students preparing for school or community theatre auditions, as well as developing confidence and stage presence.