frequently asked questions

  •  Is it too late to register for classes? Not at all! We continue to register students throughout the fall.

  • How do I register? Take a look at the top right corner of your page and click “Parent Login.” That link directs you to our parent portal where you can set up an account, view our current schedule, and register your student. You can also email or call the office for assistance.

  • How do I log into my account? I don’t even know my password! Follow the directions above to get to our parent portal login. From there, you can click the link below the login area (“Forgot your password/Reset your password”) and put in your email address. Our portal will send a link you can use to set up a new password. Then return to the login page and use your email and newly-changed password to access your account.

  • Where can I buy dancewear? Does PCD sell shoes and leotards? We don’t sell dancwear at our studio, but the Capezio Dallas store on Lovers Lane and Inwood is the closest store to our studio. There are many other vendors in DFW, as well as online stores, but we recommend fitting any dance shoes in a store before purchasing, especially for younger dancers with growing feet!

  • What does my dancer wear? You can see our dress code here.

  • I put a card on file to pay for tuition – will you automatically charge me? Having a card on file just means you have it handy for payment – you’ll still need to log in and pay when you receive your account statements. If you’d like us to automatically bill tuition and fees to your credit card, please contact the office about switching to autopay.

  • I enrolled a student in a class with only a couple other students. What happens if that class is cancelled? In the unlikely event that we cancel a class, we try to find a good fit for those students in a different class. If no good substitute is available, we’ll refund your first tuition payment. But we encourage students to invite their friends to join them for more fun in class and more opportunities to carpool!

  • I bought a class card this summer and I have classes left. Are they just gone? Not at all! Your class card is good for 90 days. You can drop in at any time to our drop-in drill classes, our new Stretch/Turns/Leaps/Kicks class, or yoga. If you’d like to drop into different classes, please contact the office.