Dance/Drill Companies



Brittany Tynan Sisk

Our Dance/Drill Competition Teams are designed for dancers who are interested in precision, teamwork, and high-energy, high-kicking choreography. PCD has three Dance/Drill Competition Teams: Pink Diamond, Black Diamond, and White Diamond. Our drill teams select company members by audition. Interested dancers should be in the fourth grade and above by the date of the audition, and have dancing ability to qualify them for participation in competitions and conventions, as well as our other company performances (Teamwork, Spring Recital, etc.). Selected conventions for the year will be made known to students upon acceptance to the team.

Dance/Drill Team auditions are open to all dancers, whether previously enrolled at PCD or not. However, company members are expected to attend their weekly drill company class as well as an additional skills/drill prep class at PCD. Dancers are also strongly encouraged to enroll in jazz, ballet, and other technique classes to maintain and improve technique, strength, and flexibility.


2018-2019 Performance Schedule

Additional rehearsals and competitions TBA. Please check back soon.

NorthPark Center Performance

December 8, 2019

PCD Teamwork Concert

February 23, 2020 12:30 -7pm
Dallas City Performance Hall (Mandatory for All Companies)

Extra rehearsals may be called in addition to this scheduled. Please contact your director with any questions or concerns about extra rehearsal times or the above performance schedule.